Inspire Family Network

Inspire Family Network (iFamNet) is a community level initiative for the prevention of social distress that is a consequence of the breakdown of families in communities. It focuses on strengthening the only safety net and foundation of community, which is the family, through equipping individuals with life skills for building resilience and healthy family relationships that keep families together in a safe, secure environment. It facilitates and supports learning, dialogue and life skills training platforms for individuals in all family relationships so as to release and achieve both individual and family potential.

EBS helped iFamNet to write it business plan and constitution for the charity commission.

EBS also did graphic design, logo, brochures and flyers for the organisation.

EBS developed their website, and has created the domain, provided website hosting, and corporate email accounts.

EBS also created a member portal that allows members to interact and join training workshops, seminars and weekend getaways.


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